What Is The “Phenomenal Life” Cruise?
Life, Exciting and New, come aboard, we’re expecting you on the Phenomenal Life Cruise! Welcome aboard!  Yes, we know we just dated ourselves!  Our Captain won’t be Merle Stubing, Julie might not be our Cruise Director, and we’re pretty sure Gopher, Doc, & and Isaac won’t be onboard, but you can bet the entire ETA family will be! So, set your course for adventure and join us for the inaugural voyage of The Phenomenal Life Cruise!  The Phenomenal Life Cruise is poised to help you live the extraordinary life you’ve been longing to have!  From branding your business, to finances, relationships, and health and wellness sessions, we’ve got something in store for just about everyone!  March 4 through 11, 2018, we will see you on the High Seas with three unique Caribbean island getaway destinations!

The Phenomenal Life Cruise is planned as a getaway with a purpose!  Whether you’re looking for relaxation, renewal, or just time away from the daily “land-locked” grind, the Phenomenal Life Cruise has been designed just for you!  Setting sail aboard the Princess Regal, to Princess Cays, Bahamas, St. Thomas, USVI, St. Maarten and the stunningly beautiful and relaxing, Caribbean Sea, acting as the backdrop for our incredible breakout conference sessions as led by ET, CJ, and Josh!  For eight amazing days and seven phenomenal nights, we're inviting you to come away with us to reaffirm your purpose, by preparing yourself to experience the phenomenal life you've always wanted to live.

Now, class will not always be in session so as with any getaway, we encourage you to take advantage of off times to take a dip in the pool, get a massage, a Mani/Pedi, tan on one of the decks, or hit the gym for a solid workout.  You can even get busy doing absolutely nothing at all!  Whatever you’re planning to do March 4-11, 2018, we’d love for you to do it with us! So, join us for an unforgettable week on the high seas as you renew, relax, discover, and rediscover, why YOU matter!  We’re looking to make this a trip that we’ll be talking about for years to come!
MARCH 4-11, 2018
Ft. Lauderdale, FL to Princess Cays, Bahamas, On To St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, Then To St. Maarten
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